Monday, October 22, 2012

Inspired by Found Objects

When I first started making jewelry I would browse through the magazines looking for ideas and styles. I love Irish jewelry with all the symbolism, the Celtic knots, the crosses, and the history behind it all. So I knew I wanted to make jewelry with an Irish theme and pieces of faith.

One day I came across the magazine Belle Armoire Jewelry. A featured designer was Deryn Mentock. Her jewelry was so beautiful and inspirational that I had to research her work and so I started following her blog.

Deryn Mentock not only makes gorgeous jewelry but she also teaches. She has a busy schedule of art retreats and classes - online and in person. Currently her online class is The Alchemy of Objects.

This year I lost my father and my best friend and making jewelry has been very low on my priorities lately. Mostly because I am struggling to get inspired again. So I decided once and for all to treat myself to an online class with Deryn.

I really think taking the class has changed the way I will make jewelry in the future. I have learned so much in technique and design that I feel excited about jewelry again. I have been busy drilling holes in sea glass, mother of pearl, and antique vintage spoons. Along the way I felt a little guidance from my dad too because thanks to Deryn's class I finally understand how to use the drill press and drill bits my father gave me.

I have more pictures to post but here is the link to the pieces I made for the weekly design challenge. Please take a look at what I have been working on.(and comments are welcomed!)

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