Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Knotting pearls

I bought into one of those Living Social deals. It was for a beading class/materials at Bucks County Beads. It only applied to certain classes so I decided to sign up for the knotting pearls class. I have been trying to get better at knotting Irish linen so I thought this would be good. The class ran very long and too much talking about knotting and not so much doing knotting. But I did learn to knot better. I guess there is really no substitute for learning hands on with a teacher compared to tutorials in books. Here is what I learned-

String on the bead tip and make a overhand knot. Trim excess

String on a bead and make another overhand knot.

Insert tweezers directly through the loop of the knot and hold the tip of the tweezers where you want your knot to go

Hold the other end of the cord up with your left hand and as you pull up the knot will slide down the tweezers to the tip


Release the tweezers
Press the tweezers together and down on the knot to tighten.

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