Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Etsy some shops display their items on tables, stands, dishes. Some use mannequins. But I am always inclined to buy from a shop that show their items with people. Especially handbags. It helps me decide whether I like the size of the bag or the way it lays on a shoulder better if someone is modeling it. So naturally I think that other people would feel the same about my jewelry.

I've never even considered to model the jewelry myself. But my best friend's daughter did some modeling that caught my interest. After seeing her pictures I thought about asking her to model my jewelry. She is a very pretty girl and I knew she could help to show my jewelry in the best possible way. So I am very pleased to say that she agreed to model for me. We took some pictures of her in earrings. It was a very windy day and although it was difficult in those conditions she really looks beautiful. I hope to get together again and have her model other pieces of jewelry soon.

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