Monday, September 19, 2011

Compare to QVC

Here is a bracelet I made recently.

I thought I would check out some competition and see how I compare.
So I searched on QVC and found this shamrock bracelet.
First- this bracelet is made in Ireland with Connemara marble. Also the QVC bracelet is all sterling. So I have to give credit for that.

But the bracelet I made has a lot of sterling such as sterling wire, jump rings, and clasp. The clovers are silver plate but are very well made from the good old USA. The price is the biggest difference. My bracelet is $25 and the QVC bracelet is $46. The Connemara marble "shamrocky" type shapes must be glued on because if you read some of the reviews many people claimed the pieces fell out. My bracelet is wire wrapped and can't fall apart. The jump rings I used are oval shaped. The oval shaped jump rings do not have the opening on the stress points so it is less likely to separate.

I can't ever compare to a big corporation like QVC. But I make the best possible jewelry and try to offer the best possible service. So comparing these two bracelets I can confidently say mine is a great value.


Anonymous said...

Your jewelry is better than any that I've seen on QVC. Your designs are originals!

Darlene said...

oh Thanks You made my day!