Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making a Rosary

When I first started making jewelry I would look at magazines for inspiration in the kind of work I imagined doing. The 2003 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry had an article that completely put me in awe. The issue is out of print now but it was an article on making rosaries as spiritual art. (short article at the bottom of the page)

I made a couple of rosaries but stopped since they are very expensive to make. But on Good Friday I decided I would make one again. I still have two crucifix and center sets stored away but I needed just the right kind of beads. So I went to my local bead store- Bucks County Beads- to see what I could find.

I would need heavy beading wire and matte seed beads too. So I looked at the matte seed beads first to decide on the color scheme. I found tiny olive green seed beads and larger gray beads so that was where I started for inspiration. Bucks County Beads had lots of gemstones to chose from but these nugget style beads were just perfect. I originally thought of using pewter beads for the Our Fathers so it would coordinate with the crucifix. But instead I found these large rondelle beads (i think some kind of jasper) that would work even better.

It all came together really well. I love the rugged rustic look of this rosary. The super sparkly rosaries in stores are "pretty" but this is truly a one of kind piece to treasure.

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