Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red Marble from Ireland

Connemara Marble is the most popular bead for Irish jewelry. But in fact Ireland has other forms of marble that look great in jewelry pieces. Through the country different counties have different types of marble. Kilkenny has black marble, Ulster has white marble, and Cork has red marble.

So recently when I decided to order some Connemara marble from my supplier I decided I would order some Cork red marble also. Since St. Valentine's Day is approaching I thought I could use some red beads. Cork red marble is a really nice earthy color with a hint of pink. It looks wonderful with copper like Connemara marble does. And just like Connemara marble the color varies from bead to bead from dark to very light.
I'll admit I didn't know much about these other forms of Irish marble. But I am looking forward to trying each color from all the counties of Ireland.

Since I don't know much here is the description straight from the supplier.

Cork red marble was mined extensively in the 1800's and was used as an interior decoration, principally in churches and municipal buildings in Irish towns and cities, examples of these can be viewed today in places such as, St. Finbarre's Cathedral and the churches of St. Peter and Pauls, St. Lukes and Mayfield(old).

The mining of this stone only lasted 60-70 years after which it was not used much. The reason for it's sudden popularity and equally rapid decline from favour, cannot be attributed to any inherent deficiency in the stone but must be blamed rather on the dictates of Victorian and Edwardian fashion and on competition from non-Irish sources.

The mines were all closed up and today most of them are built over, thereby making this one of the rarest of Irish marbles.We sourced an unused quarry late last year and we can now bring to you some wonderful pieces.
These are hand-carved and hand-polished by skilled craftsmen in the West of Ireland.


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