Saturday, May 22, 2010

DWTS Obsession

On Facebook I comment frequently about Dancing with the Stars. My children hate this about me. But I am crazy about the show. I watched the first season and after that hubby pretty much controlled the remote and I never saw the show again. But now I have Tivo. I not only watch the show but re-watch the show several times. I skip the commercials so it goes quick.
Since I Irish dance I really appreciate the sweat and work and practice that the stars put into each dance. Somehow watching them helps me keep dancing. Every week they get criticized. But they use that criticism to improve and do better.
Anyway this is the last week. I feel very sad about this. I look forward the watching the show every Monday.
I hope Evan wins. My jaw dropped after that Argentine tango with the James Bond attitude. But then - his Paso Doble was genius.

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