Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hooray for Spring!

Today was the first day of spring. I am so glad it is here. Spring is full of beautiful color. The color of blooms and budding leaves. Artbeads has named February and March as "The Beauty of Spring." So to celebrate spring I made this lovely butterfly necklace.

The focal piece of the necklace is a lovely soft orange stoneware butterfly pendant from . This pendant is handmade by artisans in Bulgaria. I am always looking for jewelry components that are not mass produced and Artbeads has a great selection of artisan made pieces. I originally wanted to knot all the beads on the green silk cord but the cord I chose was too large for the holes in the beads. So instead I strung the flower and leaf glass beads along with my own seed beads on beading wire. I used czech purple and green flowers buds with czech glass leaves. I love these little flower buds. They are top drilled and string on so easily without needing to wire wrap them. Also, I added round czech glass beads in orange to highlight the color of the butterfly pendant. Purple, green, and orange may seem an unlikely color combination but in fact are quite combatible since they are all secondary colors which are colors made by mixing primary colors.
I looped the silk cord through the butterfly pendant and simply knotted the ends. The two strands are twisted together so it gives the appearance of climbing vines. I finished the necklace with a shepherds hook clasp made of 16 gauge sterling wire.
I had enough beads to even make a bracelet. The set together or apart is so pretty and colorful. It's like wearing a garden. (But no weeds!)

Disclosure: I received the products from Artbeads free of charge, I have not been paid for endorsements of the products, and I am reviewing the products honestly. (seed beads, beading wire, and the clasp on bracelet were my own and not provided by Artbeads.)

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