Sunday, February 07, 2010

Copper Jewelry

When I first started making jewelry I thought I had to use sterling silver parts or the jewelry would look cheap. Well, I was wrong. Since I discovered copper and brass I can't stop using it.

Going back to sterling silver seems a little boring to me now. Since copper and brass costs less I am able to splurge on chunkier chains and fancy clasps. It has really opened up more ideas and greater creativity.


Lorelei said...

Your pieces are very beautiful. I used to make jewelry too but never thought about brass/copper. I never liked silver because of the way it looks after it oxidizes (sp?), but had trouble finding white gold findings and beads. Thanks for following my MVP blog, I am now following you here! :) Keep posting your amazing jewelry!

Darlene said...

Thanks for your comment. I never liked sterling for that same reason until recently. Now it has become very trendy to oxidize silver for a vintage look. Also now I am older I think I have a better appreciation of the aging process for jewelry and people!
I like your blog. It is good to find others dealing with MVP.

Anonymous said...
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