Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jewelry Care - Tips on Preventing Breakage

I got upset recently when someone contacted me that their bracelet broke. I was worried it was something I did. Well maybe it is. But after contacting the Softflex company, I realize now that beaded jewelry doesn't last forever.
First I need to use thicker wire. I think that will be hard since I like smaller beads especially on a bracelet. It is almost impossible with some beads to return the wire for crimping. So I will have to change the design of many bracelets in order to end them with a bead that has a larger opening.
However, Sara at Softflex agreed that jewelry and especially bracelets will need to be restrung. If the bracelet is worn frequently it should be restrung every year. A bracelet moves up and down the arm which causes the beads to roll over and over on the wire. The wire can wear down and cause breakage. This is even more possible if a bead has a rough edge.
I am happy to restring any of my bracelets. If you have had the bracelet for more than a year, it could be time to have it restrung. Please contact me for more information.


Anonymous said...
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Pretty Things said...

I always use the thickest wire on bracelets -- and even then there's no failsafe. I also make sure not to snug the wire up TOO tight against the clasp, so there's minimal rub. Hope that helps!

(And BOOO on your first comment spammer!)

M.M.E. said...

Oh no! But now at least you know it wasn't you. It makes sense that things like bracelets would wear out. And now you know! You've got some very beautiful jewelry, by the way.

Anonymous said...

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