Monday, July 20, 2009

A waste of time and talent

Lampwork bead from Sortaflowering Designs
Ceramic pendant from Beadfreaky
Polymer clay pendant from Humblebeads

I want to sell my jewelry. I want to make some money. It's true. But I've decided that I am making each piece of jewelry as if I didn't care about selling. I worked very hard this past week making jewelry that I hoped to sell at a show. I didn't. Now I don't think it was my work specifically since noone truly showed up at the event. But it did make me realize that my time is limited and I don't want to waste my time. Sometimes I try too hard trying to please people and that can be an impossible task. I have recently decided to use more artisan made parts. I think that was the first step in a new direction. So I am continuing on a new direction of making jewelry for the sheer pleasure of making jewelry.
But I do wonder why don't people show up at events? Yesterday was a great example of a wonderful venue with wonderful vendors but noone came. Minute after minute would pass with noone coming by. The other vendors thought it was the weather. But I think it is more than that. I think people say one thing but do another. People say they support art but shop at Walmart. People say they love original music but buy commercial pop.
It seems to me that we are all caught up in a buy and sell culture. I wonder how many people wanted to come to the Arts and Craft show but ended up shopping at BJ's warehouse. Just as I want to change and stop wasting my time trying to sell for the sake of selling. People need to change and stop buying for the sake of buying. Every purchase is a decision.


Mountaindreamers said...

Wonderful post , I agree completely , everything I make I would be happy to wear, I emphasize quality not quantity , and putting that individual spirit into the piece, thanks so much for visiting my blog, I am glad to be able to read yours as well! Cheers , Laura

my guest room studio said...

great post!