Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project Earrings

Many jewelry makers set a goal of working through another jewelry maker's book. So I decided to try this as well.
Perfect Match Earring Designs for Every Occasion first caught my eye at the library. After borrowing it I decided to buy it because it has so much information that can be applied to all jewelry not just earrings.
Working through a book like this can help me to get out of my comfort zone. Most of the earrings are wonderful but some I would never try. But setting this as a goal will force me to try something new and learn new techniques.
I won't be working with the exact materials also. So trying the projects through my own interpretion is another way of learning to be more creative.
I'll try to post the projects as I go. Here are the first two.
Quartz beads with semi-hoop earring wires
Rose quartz rondelle beads with a twisted jump ring and pink crystal


Lorelei said...

I have never seen twisted jump rings before. Beautiful! It takes something from simply functional to beautiful.

my guest room studio said...

i have this book as well. i love it!

Darlene said...

I look at this book for inspiration all the time. Not just for earrings but even bracelets and necklaces. I just like looking through the pages.