Sunday, May 03, 2009

Repeat Sales

I am considering offering 10 percent off for returning customers. I wonder if it will help to increase sales. I was looking back at the purchases I have made on etsy. I realized that I have returned to purchase again from several different sellers. So I wondered - why? What did these stores have that made me return. Some have great ideas, some have superb skills, some simply have what I need at a good price. 

Those with great ideas are:

Classichound- dog silhouettes on well made bags and handmade dog collars. Shop for yourself and your dog in one shop.

Beadfreaky- ceramic pendants with celtic designs

The Fearless Knitter- simple scarfs that also work as a shawl

Modern Pet- modern pet supplies, eco friendly

Those with superior skills are:

CottageGardenTherapi-the best soap, smells and feels wonderful

SFDglassbeads- lampwork bead artist, such lovely beads I could spend a forturne 

Czannes-handmade bags with flawless sewing skills

Buckster- lovely handknit items

Those with useful products at a great price

Jennuh-cute little crocheted doggy waste bags that are super affordable

Busy Aprons- handbands and cute little wallets

So I'll keep trying with Etsy. I'll take what I have learned. And I'll keep working on these three qualities: good ideas, superior skills, and affordable prices. 


piddix said...

Oh you rock. Thanks so much for the mention. And great analysis and links, too. Best of luck.

JennuhC said...

Hello! I recently found your blog while searching for myself on google! Thank you so much for mentioning me here! :)

~ Jennuh