Monday, August 25, 2008

My Astrology

I didn't have religious parents growing up. But I was a child in the sixties and astrology was very popular. My mother put a lot of her belief in astrology. I don't really believe in astrology now but it is hard to stop having fun with the idea of it. Since my birthday is approaching I have been thinking about what it means to be a Virgo and astrology in general.

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I think that astrology can help people to define themselves. Sometimes in this world we do things for money or success. Maybe our job is unfulfilling or maybe relationships are difficult and strained. People need to reevaluate who they really are and what life really means to them. In that way astrology can bring meaning to our innermost feelings about ourselves and others. We can reassess our personality with acceptance of our true self.

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For example, since I am a Virgo and by my nature I am not comfortable in crowds or large parties. My sister is an Aquarius and she is quite the opposite. She will often become frustrated with me and tell me I am not friendly. She is probably right and in this way I am quite a Virgo. Should I feel bad about myself for this? Or do I come to terms with this and accept myself.
I really can't give a good argument promoting astrology but at the same time I cannot entirely dispute it as well. It is too much a part of my upbringing. So I think of astrology as something like having a favorite color. I like it to a certain point but it isn't everything.


Anonymous said...

i like your view on astrology...i think that it is one of those topics that you can not just all things the more resources you use the better understanding you have

Darlene said...

Thank you for your comment!