Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Feis Practice

Treble Jig

My sister and I have been practicing a lot for the upcoming feisanna this summer. It was hard finding a location to allow us to practice. But surprisingly, it was LA Fitness that let us dance in the gym. My sister is relentless. She wants to go all the time. I enjoy going though. The extra practice has helped me a lot. If I am not dancing better in technique, I am at least more confident with the dances.

Sometimes we both feel like we are not getting better. But I can't let myself think that way. Instead I think it is on days when we are extra tired or had a bad work day that it is our spirit that gets down. As an adult dancer it is hard to keep a positive attitude. I think we have more obstacles. Our bodies are older, our life is more complicated, and it feels like no one supports you. Many people think it is silly that an adult wants to Irish dance. When in fact the Irish dance tradition is based on the adult dancer.

When we started practice I didn't care about winning at all. But now I hope to win something. I need some proof that all this practice mattered.

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