Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making Resin Jewelry

I bought Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine which has great ideas for jewelry making. The instructions for making resin pendants just seemed to be something I would enjoy so I gave it a try. I purchased the resin and the bezels from an online stain glass supplier. But I also bought a mold and the mold release from Michael's.
Mixing the resin is very easy. It is simply equal parts resin and hardener. The smell is horrific. I poured the molds on my porch but the smell stayed with me all day.
I made collage pendants and faux amber and amethyst. The collage pendants were easier because you can see the pendant face forward. The faux amber and faux amethyst was poured in the molds and faced down.

Resin Bezels

I used foil leaf and tea leaves mixed in the resin for the faux gemstones. I only added a drop or two of dye to achieve the color I wanted. The tea leaves settled at the bottom which I did not think would happen since the resin is as thick as syrup. Although I did spray the mold with the mold release, it is extremely difficult to get the dried pieces out of the mold. I thought I would break the mold turning it nearly inside out. Although it shows some marks the mold is still usable another time.

Faux Amber & Faux Amethyst

I wasn't sure if they would sell or not but both the German Shepherd and the Blessed Mother pendant sold at Olde Langhorne Harvest Day.

I guess I will be making more!

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