Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lynn Academy Feis

Early Sunday morning my husband and I picked up my sister. We were headed to Atlantic City for the Lynn Academy Feis. I knew in advance from the syllabus posted online that I was the only beginner adult dancer. So I would be a first place winner but what would be my score? I worried that this was all a big mistake. The feis began in the morning but the adults were scheduled from 1 to 3. After watching the beautiful dancers in the prizewinning category, I humbly walked onto the dance floor. This moment was terrifying. Somehow my legs did the dance because I have no memory of it. The judge gave me her nod and I left the floor. Overcome with relief I eagerly waited for my score. Upstairs in another room I received my marks and a medal. The judge gave me a 77. I lost points from not crossing my legs and for my timing. The grade is fair. I felt as if I had never heard Irish music before as I listened to the accordian player. The music is so different from what is practiced with in class.

My medal

My number on the board, 1127

In retrospective, I am glad I went. I know my weaknesses and I know I can improve. The feis was a great experience.

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