Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What makes this Irish jewelry?

"What makes this Irish jewelry?"

Sterling Dog Bracelet

I was asked this at a recent festival by someone looking over the items on my table. The hot summer sun was shining on my Irish jewelry banner. I suppose this woman was expecting to find only Irish jewelry under the shade of my umbrella but she did not. Albeit, this is a fair question because quite often I am making other kinds of jewelry lately. I think I sometimes limit myself in sales if I only feature Irish jewelry. So I have been branching out and trying to be more creative.

My second choice would be animal themed jewelry but I am not sure how sales will be for that either.

Black Dog and Onyx Bracelet

So I have to ask myself, " Am I still making Irish jewelry?"

Orange Cats and Amber

Cats and Turquoise

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Ben Can Dance said...

I was flicking thru blogs on the Etsy sellers ring, and saw your black dog bracelet. I love it!! I went to your shop to view your things and I may just have to buy that. :)