Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seek God Everywhere

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Few souls understand what God would accomplish in them if they were to abandon themselves unreservedly to Him and if they were to allow His grace to mold them accordingly.
St. Ignatius of Loyola

My son brought a book to me called Seek God Everywhere. I read it at a time that I really needed help with faith and spirituality. It is based on the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius. These spiritual exercises are easy to do in about fifteen minutes and are very practical way to grow closer to God. After this book I was drawn to learning more about Ignatian Spirituality.
At Ignatian Spirituality dot com they have an Ignatian Prayer Adventure for Lent 2013 called From Ashes to Glory. It is a way of praying the Examen through Lent in five steps:

1. Become aware of God’s presence.
2. Review the day with gratitude.
3. Pay attention to your emotions.
4. Choose one feature of the day and pray from it.
5. Look toward tomorrow.

Praying the Examen has given me a sense of peace that I have been searching for especially through some very hard times. 
So this Lent I am making it a practice to pray the Examen everyday. I hope to open my heart and mind to God and to find God everywhere.
Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O Good Jesus, hear me.
Within Thy wounds hide me.
Suffer me not to be separated from thee.
From the malignant enemy defend me.
In the hour of my death call me.
And bid me come unto Thee,
That with all Thy saints,
I may praise thee
Forever and ever.

Check out the Lent reflections participating in the Keep LOVE in LENT Blog Link-Up 2013! We'll be sharing different ways, tips, stories and real-life experiences that will help us focus on Lenten sacrifices, prayer and good deeds, and how to carry them out with LOVE instead of a GRUMBLE.
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Building Rocks (pending)

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas Give-Away

Free earrings just in time for Christmas! I am working on some new skills so to celebrate I am giving away these handmade earrings. I cut and filed the copper metal.

Then stamped some cute little Celtic knots and hammered them into domed shaped earrings. They are finished off with a glass bead and a bronzite bead. They turned out really lovely- I think you will adore them! Leave a comment below and one lucky winner will be announced on December 17.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Inspired by Found Objects

When I first started making jewelry I would browse through the magazines looking for ideas and styles. I love Irish jewelry with all the symbolism, the Celtic knots, the crosses, and the history behind it all. So I knew I wanted to make jewelry with an Irish theme and pieces of faith.

One day I came across the magazine Belle Armoire Jewelry. A featured designer was Deryn Mentock. Her jewelry was so beautiful and inspirational that I had to research her work and so I started following her blog.

Deryn Mentock not only makes gorgeous jewelry but she also teaches. She has a busy schedule of art retreats and classes - online and in person. Currently her online class is The Alchemy of Objects.

This year I lost my father and my best friend and making jewelry has been very low on my priorities lately. Mostly because I am struggling to get inspired again. So I decided once and for all to treat myself to an online class with Deryn.

I really think taking the class has changed the way I will make jewelry in the future. I have learned so much in technique and design that I feel excited about jewelry again. I have been busy drilling holes in sea glass, mother of pearl, and antique vintage spoons. Along the way I felt a little guidance from my dad too because thanks to Deryn's class I finally understand how to use the drill press and drill bits my father gave me.

I have more pictures to post but here is the link to the pieces I made for the weekly design challenge. Please take a look at what I have been working on.(and comments are welcomed!)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Lavinia's Kitty Bed

Since starting my Etsy shop I have tried to buy handmade things more often. If I need something I try to do it myself first and Etsy second. So when I got my new kitty I needed a few items. I got a little woolly mouse for her to play with and an adorable handmade collar from Etsy. But I just couldn't find the right bed for her.

So I decided to make one myself. It was super easy and crocheted by continuously going in the round. Plus making it myself was very gratifying and Lavinia loves it. The pattern came from etsy shop RachelsCrochet.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Knotting pearls

I bought into one of those Living Social deals. It was for a beading class/materials at Bucks County Beads. It only applied to certain classes so I decided to sign up for the knotting pearls class. I have been trying to get better at knotting Irish linen so I thought this would be good. The class ran very long and too much talking about knotting and not so much doing knotting. But I did learn to knot better. I guess there is really no substitute for learning hands on with a teacher compared to tutorials in books. Here is what I learned-

String on the bead tip and make a overhand knot. Trim excess

String on a bead and make another overhand knot.

Insert tweezers directly through the loop of the knot and hold the tip of the tweezers where you want your knot to go

Hold the other end of the cord up with your left hand and as you pull up the knot will slide down the tweezers to the tip


Release the tweezers
Press the tweezers together and down on the knot to tighten.